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When looking for gourmet, flavoured coffee you have two options: to buy the coffee pre-flavoured, or to buy the type of coffee you love and add the flavouring to it afterwards as a syrup. Flavoured syrups offer you the opportunity to pick whether or not you want a flavoured drink, and to mix it up daily.

Taking just the Torani Vanilla Syrup for example...

There was a time, fairly recently, when people just drank coffee. It didn't have to have cream or foam, no one really knew the difference between a tall and a grande, and Soymilk wasn't a part of the equation. The change in the way we get coffee has only come recently and it has cost most people a pretty penny. While getting slightly addicted to Vanilla Lattes can be fun, it can also put a dent in your pocketbook if every time you want one you have to shell out three or four dollars.

Fortunately, as the coffee craze took off, the companies that made home coffee makers took note and started creating products so that people could make their all of their coffee store favorites from their own kitchens. While this has certainly helped people who want espressos or plain lattes, the people who are fond of vanilla lattes have been a little left out.

Now there's a solution. The vanilla flavor from your regular coffee shop vanilla lattes comes from special vanilla syrup. Usually, this is Torani vanilla and now you can get Torani vanilla syrup in your own home. This vanilla syrup comes in the same bottle that you see behind the counter at your favorite coffee shop but now you get to control the portions. If you prefer a stronger vanilla flavor, you can add a little extra. If you need something a little subtler, you can add a little less. With Torani vanilla, you are the one in control of the flavor of your drink in ways that you will never be at a giant coffee chain.

The greatest thing about vanilla syrup is its versatility. If you like the taste of vanilla, why limit it to vanilla lattes? With vanilla syrup you can create Vanilla coke or add a little bit of vanilla to your hot chocolate. Try it with all kinds of beverages. Be bold and see where Torani vanilla will lead you. Whether you want it with iced tea or perhaps mixed into chocolate syrup for a delightful desert, you're going to find a number of ways that vanilla syrup will help you in the kitchen.

While the possibilities are endless, the best part about getting some vanilla syrup for your home is that you won't have to worry about going to the store and spending your money on expensive vanilla lattes again. You can make nearly everything that you want in the comfort of your own home.

Organic Coffees

Choose from a number of Organic-certified (and Fair-Trade certified, where applicable) coffees.