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Papua New Guinea Sigri 16 oz

Papua New Guinea Sigri Coffee Beans

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Arabica Coffee Beans
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All coffee is freshly roasted, ground and bagged after you place your order for maximum freshness. This means you can customize your coffee to best suit your tastes:


Papua New Guinea Sigri is smooth and sweet with a medium body and acidity level. It has dark berry flavors and ends with a dark chocolate finish. You'll find it has a low-toned richness, sometimes earthy flavor, along with a low to moderate acidity that distinguishes most Indonesian coffees.

This coffee is wet processed, which creates a different flavor and body compared to other coffees from similar regional varieties.

It does well with any roast level, from light, medium, or dark, with medium roasts introducing Maillard notes such as spice, caramel, and toasted nuts.

The darker roasts body can be bold, which has a heavier, thicker mouthfeel, often accompanied by stone fruit and chocolate notes.

Papua New Guinea Sigri processed using the fully washed method and dried on raised beds. The varietal types include Typica, Arusha, and Bourbon.

Much of Papua New Guinea's coffee is grown in the mountain highlands including the central highlands of Mt. Hagen, an area known for its ideal coffee-growing climate and rich volcanic soils. At this elevation, coffee cherries mature more slowly and develop brighter, more acidic cup qualities.

The most distinguished New Guinea coffees are grown on large estates which use state of the art methods and equipment to produce more consistent clean and fragrant coffees with moderate acidity. 

Coffee is a highly individual experience - no two people like the same thing.

It's important to find out what you like best, and don't be afraid to try something new, you may find a new favorite! We offer low minimums and the ability to choose custom roasts on our single origins.